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ZERO TO THREE Virtual Annual Conference 2021

October 25-29


Call for Proposals 

Welcome to the ZERO TO THREE Virtual Annual Conference proposal submission page. 

Deadline for Proposals for the Annual Conference 2021 is March 2

All notifications will be made by May 3, 2021. 


ZERO TO THREE'S Virtual Annual Conference is the premier learning event for professionals from across the multidisciplinary early childhood field. Attendees learn about current research, promising practice, and policy topics, and network with one another through multiple facilitated Communities of Learners events throughout the conference.  

Proposals are being accepted for presentations relevant to work with or on behalf of children under 5 years of age (including the prenatal period) and their families.  

Each year ZERO TO THREE receives several hundred responses to its Call for Proposals with a limited number of slots available for accepted presentation proposals. We are pleased to be able to feature the valuable work being done in the infant-family field as much as possible in the virtual Annual Conference. 

Review Process Overview 

ZERO TO THREE utilizes a two-part review process. All identifying information is removed from proposals to ensure an objective and unbiased review. In the first part of the review process, proposals are read and scored by ZERO TO THREE staff and members who are subject matter specialists with specific expertise in the ZERO TO THREE Competencies for Prenatal to Age 5 (P-5) Professionals™. Their scores are based on criteria that take into account the interest areas and learning levels of the Annual Conference audience, the relevance of the content to current work in the field, as well as the innovativeness of the work described in the proposal. In part two, a secondary review by the ZERO TO THREE Content Leadership team is made to ensure that all review processes were followed and that the overall program content is well-balanced in the ZERO TO THREE P-5 Competencies and to the Annual Conference audience. 

Scoring Criteria for Proposals 

  1. Alignment with the ZERO TO THREE Competencies for Prenatal to Age 5 (P-5) Professionals™ domains (5 points); 

  1. Relevance of proposed content to inform field knowledge and enhance practice (5 points); and 

  1. Clarity on how the session will include a focus on addressing and advancing equity (5 points). 

Presenter Information and Requirements 

Presenting Virtually: To support high-quality programming within the virtual format of the Annual Conference, each presentation is limited to no more than three (3) presenters. All presentations will be recorded several weeks in advance of the conference dates and rebroadcast live within the conference schedule. All presenters must agree to participate in both the recorded and live sessions at assigned dates and times. Any special scheduling requests should be made at the time of acceptance, but we cannot guarantee that all requests can be accommodated. 

Training to support virtual presentation planning and orientation to the virtual conference platform are provided, but presenters should carefully reflect on their confidence presenting virtually before they offer a proposal. 

Presentation Materials: Presenters will be required to upload supporting presentation materials (typically a PowerPoint deck but can include articles or other handouts) to be shared with attendees on the conference platform.  

Registration: All presenters, including those with posters, are required to complete a speaker agreement and pay registration fees for the conference. We are pleased to discount presenter registration fees by 50% to honor these contributions to the conference.  

Disclosure: All presenters, including those with posters, will be required to: 

  1. Verify that all reference materials that will be used are current and that all education materials are accurate; 

  1. Verify that all the materials to be used, including handout materials, are free of any liens or encumbrances, or that all necessary permissions and/or licenses have been secured for their use; and 

  1. Disclose any proprietary interest in products, instruments, devices, services, or materials discussed in the session. 

Learning Goals: At the beginning and end of each presentation, presenters are required to review presentation learning goals to ascertain participants' mastery. 


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